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Win A Giant Bear for Valentines Day Feb 10, 2012 11:12 by Matt Bird

There aren’t many things cuter than bears…. and we don’t know many things that aren’t improved if made bigger.

So imagine if these combined into one GIANT CUDDLY BEAR!!!!! We managed to get hold of our own Stinkyink bear, named Alfie, who is now looking for a loving home this Valentines day. If you’d like your own 3-foot bear to love and cherish, just place an order at before 3:30pm Monday, February 13th, and you’ll be entered into the prize draw.

We’ll draw the winner at 3:30pm and get Alfie out on a courier for you, so you’ll receive him Valentines day ready for some cuddles :-)



Alfie’s life so far…

Alfie is a busy bear, and before he has the easy life at a new loving home, he’s being put through his paces in the world of Stinkyink!



A video of Alfies day at Stinkyink…

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