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School & NHS Credit Account

Join 350+ UK schools and establishments with our School Accounts. Order anytime for free next working day delivery, and you can even save multiple classes & department addresses for easy restocking. One of our schools has over 60 sites, so you won't be too big.

What happens next...

Your orders will go out on a next-day delivery and be with you the next working day. Invoices are sent so you'll always know your account status, and when you need to order again, just email, fax or call us with details and we'll send it out straight-away.

You'll also have access to our lovely customer service team, so if you have any questions, just call us on 0844 414 4141 and we'll sort you in a jiffy. (Office hours are 8:30-5pm.)

Account Frequently-Asked Questions

Is there a minimum spend for an account?

There's no minimum spend for a school account—but if you only have 1 printer that does a few pages a month for a classroom, it's probably easier to just order by card!

How long does it take to process my application?

In work hours, we typically respond in around 10 minutes. We're here 8:30-5pm Mon-Fri, so you shouldn't have to wait long— and your order should go out the same day you place it.

Is this a contract?

Nope! We're so confident you'll love our service that there is no long-term commitment. If you're not pleased, you can stop using us at any time.

How long does the account last? Do I need to reapply?

If your account is inactive for 12+ months, we will need to check your details for a new order, just to make sure nothing has changed. Otherwise there's no need to reapply or update

How do I order?

Email, fax or phone your order over. We'll get it processed for you straight-away and let you know when the order is on its way.

Can we use our own order numbers?

Of course. Just let us know when you order and the system will automatically set it. If you don't require set purchase order numbers, you'll just get a standard order number from us.

Can you post to different addresses/contacts?

Yep, we can save as many as you need and they can be as granular as the classroom you want it going to.

Can we order online with our account?

Not at the moment. We're working on this, though, and it should hopefully be available soon!

You can still order online and pay by card if you need it.