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Stinkyink's Gorilla Caption Competition Feb 25, 2013 14:21 by Matt Bird

We’ve captioned snowmen, we’ve captioned aliens… naturally, it is now time for gorillas! Welcome to the Stinkyink caption competition, giving you the chance to win an iPad mini.

Leave your funniest comment below for free entry into a prize draw to win a shiny new iPad mini (comments take a few moments to appear, so we can check for any monkey business).

Want more chances to win? Get an extra entry for doing each of the following before midnight, 3rd of March:

  1. Place an order at
  2. Head to Twitter and tweet to @stinky_ink about our competition
  3. Share our Facebook post about the caption competition

There’ll be two runner up prizes in the form of Stinkyink vouchers for the funniest, most imaginative comments, so get captioning! Good luck, and may we introduce you to Stinkyink’s caption image, starring Mr Gorilla, Roy and Matt.



Our thanks to Film Club for providing the gorilla for our caption, we met him at the BETT education show and he was great. We’ll draw and alert the winners Monday, 4th of March, so good luck captioning and we look forward to your ideas.


Competition details:
One entrant will be chosen at random on March 4th, 2013, to win a 16gb Wifi iPad mini. Customers receive a maximum of one entry for each of the following activities done before midnight March 3rd, with a maximum of four entries per customer: Post a caption on the Gorilla blog or Facebook photo. Place an order at Stinkyink. Tweet about the Gorilla Caption competition. Share our Facebook caption competition post. 2 x Secondary prizes of £20 Stinkyink vouchers for the funniest/most imaginative captions judged by Mr Stinkyink

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  1. Ouch! He has an INK-credible grip.

  2. stephanie kerr says:

    i thought you said we were just going for a stroll

  3. kevin wright says:

    My Thong got caught in the car.Yours too

  4. Isabel Burton says:

    Its big, its very big!

  5. Nick Carney says:

    Roy and Matt walk into a pub, and sees King Kong sitting at the bar

    ‘KING KONG!’ Roy shouts, ‘Oh, you’re my hero! Please can I buy you a drink??!’

    ‘Sorry,’ he says, ‘I’ve got a plane to catch.’

  6. Jeremy says:

    “Thanks I’ll have jam with mine please….”

  7. mary fraser says:

    Tell me again why King Kong climbed the Empire State building with us in tow?
    Because he couldn’t fit in the elevator! Drr..!

  8. Ray says:

    “Do you know the this building is on my foot”
    “You hum it son and I’ll play it”

  9. shelley jones says:

    Most gorillas eat bananas, but this gorilla prefers pairs.

  10. martin edwards says:

    NO!!! Let’s NOT all do the Konga!…..

  11. alison gardner says:

    Gorilla’s in the Misters.

  12. Petrina says:

    Just tell him to post the empty cartridges, he does have to bring them.

  13. PETER WILLIAMS says:

    funny looking cartridge

  14. Amanda Loughton says:

    “Hey….sexy lady,Kongnam style!”

  15. Sharon Dawes says:

    I could have told you it was a mistake to try out a Kung Fu poster in the new 3D printer!

  16. Zoe Mitchell says:

    Roy “so matt, that’s how I won new yorks biggest mouth competition, kongs a sucker for mastic”.

  17. Marvin had always wanted to go up the Empire State Building but until he’d found this offer it had always seemed too dear.

  18. Rachel Barry says:

    The boss really had us in the palm of his hand……

  19. Kirsten Portch O'Neill says:

    ‘Confused Roy? I am. I only asked to be promoted, NOT to be raised.’ Aaargh!

  20. Paul Auber says:

    Roy: Business seems to be picking up I see. Matt: Yes, I think however, I see a depression coming!! Gorilla: Oh Shut up you two, and show me how to reset my dongle!

  21. Alice Macfarlane says:

    Where’s the chuffin door to this microwave then?

  22. But I thought YOU paid the Gorilla-tech account.

  23. Kirsten Portch O'Neill says:

    As Stinky Gorilla steals Matt and Roy from the Stinkyink’s establishment! PANIC sets in..

  24. soab says:

    Whilst wheeI woulnt mined a cuppa whilst where up here

  25. Marcus Lang says:

    Yummy banana. Should have gone to Specsavers!

  26. sarah parker says:

    Hey boys fancy a night on the town :)

  27. Paula Loneragan says:

    OK so the Gorilla’s not real but where on earth are we?

  28. Peter Rosenberg says:

    Next time, let me pick the place to hangout…!

  29. Nigel Dowty says:

    I can’t find the stinky ink discount code up here

  30. Greg Gould says:

    “Thanks God his teeth go upward, I thought he was a dangerous vampire for a moment”

  31. Daniel Richards says:

    Is it me, or are blind dates a bit diferent these days?

  32. Annulka says:

    a: He looks really mad!
    b: Yes; he’s going bananas!

  33. Bill Gridley says:

    Jeez! I’ve forgotten my handcuffs again!

  34. Ruth M N says:

    He’s waiting for the other 3; once we have 4’G’ it’ll really rock and roll……

  35. Lynn Homer says:

    I don’t suppose you have got some Gorilla glue on you.

  36. maggie goodwin says:


  37. Kevin Young says:

    That’s great the stylus to his Ipad!

  38. Robert.hoad says:

    you tell him he,s got bad breath

  39. Alan White says:

    Is this the new lift ?

  40. Adrian Bates says:

    A visit to the zoo on our day off you said

  41. Jenette ogborn says:

    King kong’s new version men in 2’s make news.

  42. Chris Woodward says:

    Think what we’ve saved not using G4S

  43. Rebekah Powley says:

    These guys thought they were genius employing the gorilla whilst the lift was out of action…

  44. Matt C says:

    Matt: Whose stupid idea was it to sign us up for the Boss’s “Away-Day Climbing Experience”.
    Roy: Well, the memo said we’d get high enough up to get the ultimate buzz of a blue-sky view of the solar system.
    Matt: You’re a plonker Roy….the memo said ‘Sollars’ System…this is another fine mess you’ve got us into.
    Roy: I want my mummy!!!

  45. Gail G says:

    “Is he stuffed or are we really really stuffed!”

  46. Matt C says:

    News Headline
    CEO goes ape with comedy duo, over allegations of ink-free printers found in the Sollars System.

  47. Ian Garthwaite says:

    You pay HOW MUCH for printer cartridges?!?!?

  48. J R says:

    and the award for worst photoshop goes to…

  49. lee Clough says:

    Hey dude, either the Monkey is from Smellsville, or your breath is STINKY INKcorperated!!

  50. “Why did the gorilla climb up the Empire State Building?”
    He couldn’t fit in the lift….

  51. Mark Woods says:

    So, the King’s got a thing for men in uniforms – who knew?

  52. susan brooker says:

    deodorant alert!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. S.C. Temple says:

    Memo: rethink home delivery options …

  54. Steve Chamberlain says:

    ‘I think this is a great location to move Stinky Towers to, but not sure about the new pet’.

  55. Caroline Winter says:

    “You don’t expect me to settle for an ‘I pad mini’ when I can have the whole tower block – with you two action men on top”
    Men “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

  56. Roger says:

    Another gripping day at the office – the wife’ll never believe it.

  57. JIM LOCKE says:

    So what if we might die, were already missing Match of the Day

  58. Hilary says:

    Uncertain how to explain to a gorilla that the Buy one get one free offer did not extend to human consumables – the blokes opted for age old negotiation skill … SCREAM!

  59. elaine says:

    Those stinky ink operatives should stop monkeying around, still better than horse play

  60. Helen f Jones says:

    You’ve been konged! Should have gone to!

  61. John says:

    Pisa, I said fix the leaning tower of Pisa, that’s what you get when you pay peanuts!

  62. Maggie Scammell says:

    When I said could I have a lift … this was Not what I had in mind!

  63. Kevin Carter says:

    I’d rather be back at Stinky going the extra mile for our customers then have to go another mile in this sweaty hand!

  64. Maureen says:

    The lengths these boys go to to deliver to all customers wherever they are!

  65. Lesley Booth says:

    “Aaagh, there’s a gorilla behind us”. “What? Where?”

  66. Writeangle says:

    Wish this pair would stop monkeying about.

  67. Englishman, Irishman and a Gorilla walk into a rooftop bar and order a round of ape-ricot sours!

  68. Roger comer says:

    Don’t worry, it’s just my truncheon!

  69. Gemma Scott-Smith says:

    Roy said to Matt “I told you we should have taken the stairs”.

  70. Martin says:

    Top of the range George Foreman griller I asked for…?

  71. Tony Haynes says:

    They say ‘Beauty killed the beast….’ so you’ve got no worries!

  72. Tony Haynes says:

    Well, if he’s only been Photoshopped in, what’s holding us up here….?

  73. Cordelia says:

    OMG look he can touch the sky….he’s about to fly…

  74. Katie says:

    When the boss used terms such as ‘soaring high and above’ in the PR meeting, he wasn’t monkeying around! This is why the men in the Gorilla suits shouldn’t make business decisions… StinkyInk??

  75. Cordelia says:

    What’s wrong…I just wanna say thanks fors the cartridge StinkyInk… I couldn’t find itany where else..

  76. Feeling gay “two for one” tra-la-la-la

  77. Julie Terry says:

    Jump on, I’ll give you a free lift upto Stinky Inks new office…gggrrrr!

  78. stu w says:

    Is that your hand on my bottom? No its the gorillas….aaaahhhh

  79. John Martin says:

    “YOU give him a kiss!!!”

  80. Jonny Hobson says:

    I usually take the elevator, but the views are better this way, and I manage to get back in touch with my primitive self.

  81. Tamara says:

    No need for him to pull down the building to get a cartridge. He can just order it from Stinky Ink!

  82. Gem says:

    “Can you believe Stinkyinkshop makes it affordable to print cardboard cutouts this big?”
    “Yes, fantastic…but how do we get down?!”

  83. John Aldred says:

    Looks like a cannon (canon) ……..

  84. Chris says:

    I said arrest the griller from BURGER KING not the Gorilla called King Kong!

  85. dennis warrington says:

    hey john bet you he can’t eat that in one go

  86. pete says:

    he’s re-inserted his cartridge

  87. Ron Mitchell says:

    I think the boss wants less of our aping about

  88. John says:

    I told you Harry, people do literally go ape over our low prices!!

  89. Roy says to Matt… “What with you, me and Simon Cowell’s cousin here, we’ve definitely got the X Factor cracked”

  90. As ever with Stinkyink, the picture quality was great but there was nothing they could do about the terrible photoshop job!

  91. Mike Hinton says:

    Roses are red, violets are blue, fast delivery from stinkyink and get good service too.

  92. Brian Cross says:

    Is this what they call gorilla warfare?

  93. Julieanne reilly says:

    ” I know they supply to every make and model but I wasn’t thinking of ‘this’ type of model!”

  94. Dianne says:

    King Kong merrily is high

  95. Fiona says:

    perhaps we should have asked for photo ID when interviewing for the Livechat post…..

  96. i think Peter Jackson`s days are numbered, trying to put king kong and 2 hobbits in a sequel just wont work – his excuse “well, it worked on printed paper”

  97. sian barkatt says:

    Didn’t I tell you to give him his cartridges straight away? Now you’ve just made him angry!!!

  98. Ian says:

    hey you 2 guys if i had gone to stinkyink they would have sold me a cartridge that didnt need pushing in so much.

  99. Ron Mitchell says:

    Another Ape Tromaty

  100. lynda reardon says:

    I sure hope he’s had breakfast!

  101. William Clare says:

    Kong refused to let Roy and Matt free until they gave him lots of free cartridges!

  102. Kerry Hodgkin says:

    This isn’t the way I planned to see New York, but by Kreisler it works!

  103. Less noise, I could have stayed in and watched Natural World!

  104. Jo LB says:

    Speak up, its a pretty draughty lift

  105. Gill Gazzard (Mollymoo) says:

    I got a new printer, can you two help me insert this cartridge??????

  106. Cheryll H says:

    When Ted had told Roy he had a way to get them noticed by the top brass at work Roy had imagined something a little different…

  107. David Cox says:

    You and whose arm pit…

  108. Monika Murray says:

    I find it very worrying that his tummy is rumbling so loudly!

  109. shirley Giles says:

    Kong gives Stinky Ink staff a spot of sight seeing before the ‘I love printers convention’ in New York

  110. Dee says:

    Quick, we need help – have you got Fay Wray’s number?

  111. Lesley Bain says:

    Check out my impressive ‘street and two heads’ :D

  112. Pauline Appleton says:

    Well I did give you the option of climbing the stairs

  113. kerry says:

    “Its a jungle out there, Matt”
    “yeah but when I said I wanted to work my way up I had other thoughts in mind!”

  114. Lisa Ellison says:

    I wonder if this gorilla tastes as good as the horsemeat thats everywhere.

  115. These two would go nicely on top of this spiky thing!

  116. Clare Webb says:

    When he asked for help replacing the ink cartridges, the Stinkyink team didn’t think they’d have to go sky-high to help!

  117. Wendy Shippam says:

    “Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into!”

  118. Mark Whittaker says:

    The new version of Donky Kong was a bit too heavy on the augmented reality !

  119. Rhydian P says:

    At least we didn’t have to pay the entrance fee to get up here

  120. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    I know you said you needed some fresh air, but this is taking it a little too far!

  121. Lese Adkins says:

    When you said we were going for a prostrate exam I didn’t know they were going to use that!

  122. Sharon A says:

    Why did Stuart always have to go over the top at Fancy Dress parties?

  123. san says:

    Roy and Matt decided it hadn’t been a good idea to monkey around with the orders

  124. Rob Kelly says:

    Kong – “You two, there is a time and place to audition for the next series of Glee, this is not IT!!! Arrrggghhh”

  125. next time we get stuck in the lift, lets wait for the engineer

  126. EFB says:

    I told you not to give him the `drink me’ bottle

  127. Tim Bain says:

    Next time maybe you don’t suggest they were too rough inserting the bloody cartridges eh?

  128. Bohdan Kuczynski says:

    urghhh, when you asked if your deodourant should be ball or aerosol , I still expected you to use it on your armpits

  129. Kevin Dooley says:

    That’s not just stinky ink I’m smelling right now……

  130. Andy says:

    Ant and Dec WERE the Gorilla’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

  131. Anna B says:

    Roy and Matt take a helping hand…. rather than the lift!

  132. you did tell Kong we were out of ink didnt u?

  133. graham nichols says:

    “when you said the boss would go ape you wern’t kidding were you!!!!!”

  134. Raymond Batkin says:

    I told you we should not have got into this monkey business!

  135. Jeremy Hards says:

    I thought your said there was a guerilla on the loose

  136. Jon says:

    I told you we should have taken the lift!

  137. Fran Farrar says:

    I’m not telling him about his BO problem – YOU tell him!

  138. caroline s says:

    King Kong was considering taking it home for Mrs Kong, for those nights when HE had a headache!

  139. Emma Williams says:

    This pic is defo one for Facebook !!

  140. megan davies says:

    The reason they’re screaming is that Kong isn’t wearing his underwear!

  141. Paula Phillips says:

    Just keep a look out for planes.

  142. Helen Spaven says:

    When they said they’d feed the animals while Ann Darrow went on holiday, they got more than they bargained for.

  143. Kong this is not the best way to get a discount are prices are low enough already!!!

  144. Ben says:

    Bill & Ben were surprised to discover what the boss really meant when he said he’d go ape if they didn’t get back to work!

  145. Eirwen Bridges says:

    Now do you believe me that I really do own a tardis.

  146. clive matthews says:

    your screaming for nothing look where his finger is

  147. roley martin says:

    Man 1 : I think we’re toast!!….
    Man 2 : Well we ARE under the Gorilla….?

  148. EVA says:


  149. david warren says:

    The lift to stinky’s new office suite had broken down again and the new concierge was a bit of a gorilla !

  150. Matt Hudson says:

    I always thought Gorilla’s had rough hands but these are so soft and sensual!!

  151. David Lloyd says:

    Goddamn it Roy, we are going to finish printing these movie posters for Herb! And we’ll donate the proceeds to his wife and kids!

  152. Fred Winks says:

    Right, just need to get this gas lighter thing working and well be able to Gorilla screaming human.

  153. Lee Clough says:

    Hey, l hope that’s the monkey in ‘Smellsville’, or your breath is ‘STINKY INKorperated’!

  154. Pip Dunsay says:

    Paper jam in Tray 2.

  155. Lisa Dean says:

    Kong has captured some proper stinkers!!

  156. liz denial says:

    I thought you said we were going to Hong Kong!!

  157. Ellie Bromilow says:

    ‘When you said we were going to see the city with the biggest swinger in town, this is not what i had in mind!!!’

  158. C.Newton says:

    Make your mind up time are you going up or not?

  159. Terry Wells says:

    Bill and Ted regretted experimenting with the new 3D printer…

  160. Joe Pooler says:

    So consumed were the couple by their ‘who has the largest mouth competition’ they were oblivious to the fact they had been captured by King Kong.

  161. Harriet says:

    ‘to the left!’

  162. Andy Hayes says:

    Will you please just get to the point

  163. Norris says:

    The Gorilla was great ventriloquist and could even move work with two puppets at a time

  164. Sharon White says:

    Told you the customer would go ape if we didn’t send his order on time! What a state of affairs, we don’t want to lose our business empire.

  165. Carla Bevan says:

    “I dreamed a dream!”

  166. David Dudman says:

    I’m not scared of King Kong, what i want to know is why is that blue Christmas tree perched on my shoulder ?

  167. Adrian says:

    Hmm. Rotunda Birmingham 1973 if my memory serves me well

  168. Adrian says:

    mrs kong said you’ve got smelly armpits so go and get some aerosols and he came back with these two ar…holes

  169. Sheila Shepheard says:

    The animation for the new PIXAR movie was looking decidedly dodgy!

  170. moya de'ath says:

    Wrong Kong…phoooeeeee…….

  171. justine meyer says:

    And the nominees for the BAFTA is………..

  172. Mark Cox says:

    So it’s not the ink creatin’ the stink!

  173. John Davies says:

    GO ON, You tell him youve lost the instructions how to tune into digital TV.

  174. Jennifer Clarke says:

    mmm…how do I get these bullets into this machine gun?

  175. Dave says:

    OK !!!!!
    So I said I would’nt mind one as a pet.

  176. Georgina Suffling says:

    At first, space tourism attracted some unlikely hangers on

  177. George Johnson says:

    No you tell him- he needs to use deodorant

  178. Where’s Sigourney Weaver when you need her?

  179. James Lang says:

    Don’t think he likes where we inserted the Stinkyink cartridge Fred!

  180. James Lang says:

    Stop panicking Fred! He just wants us to scratch his back.

  181. Carole Currie says:

    I told you we should’ve read those Terms & Conditions!

  182. david warren says:

    Kong always carried a couple of ass wipes in case of emergencies

  183. Holly says:

    Seriously, we know the diets not going well, but did you have to photoshop yourself to the extent that we look half the size of you kong. Frankly, we find it both unbelievable, and inkreadibly rude!

  184. A J Barter says:

    Kong chose at random—-

  185. Ian McGuire says:

    Are you sure this is what the foreman meant when he said for this repair job we’d need a monkey wrench?

  186. Geof Staples says:

    Wow that armpit odour is strong, did you say his name was King Kong or King Pong?

  187. Sandy Frewin says:

    Stinky Ink provide a great deal of delivery options

  188. Martin O'Reilly says:

    Worst. Photoshop. Ever

  189. gerry says:

    They were looking for the organ grinder but got the monkey instead.. mind you that monkey could be a real organ grinder. Enough to make your eyes water !

  190. Laura says:

    “AHHHH!!! I’m scared of heights”; “Grow up mate, people would kill for a Gorilla’s eye view”

  191. Darius D. says:

    Gorilla strikes back. Episode III

  192. abigail says:

    Hey mrs gorilla….Catch!

  193. David Kerr says:

    Don’t think Daz is going to cope with my whites after this !

  194. ELAINE GREENALL says:

    King Pong!

  195. Paula Green says:

    God his armpits dont arf stink.

  196. conrad edwards says:

    And that why we never tell a customer to shove it

  197. Mike says:

    After his exhausting climb the monkey paused, pondered why he had bothered and cupped his nuts.

  198. The Boss says:

    So that’s what you were doing while I was busy working – monkeying about!

  199. Carin Lawson says:

    What do you mean you dropped the bananas!?!?

  200. theresa says:

    how many times, i told you their was someone following us ..

  201. Anne Millican says:

    Why did you say Hi Dad, you fool?

  202. sharon says:

    This is not the time for me to check your molars!!

  203. jen jackson says:

    The new ride at Blackpool seems to be going down well!

  204. Mike Smithson says:

    Bet you a monkey it wouldnt happen you said!!!!!

  205. Aaron Byrne says:

    King Kong evened the score when he caught Paul Scholes and his mate spanking the monkey…

  206. Aaron Byrne says:

    I’ll never forget where I was the day King Kong threw Paul Scholes and Terry Christian off the top of the Empire State Building…

  207. Alan Wightman says:

    Have you seen the price of manufacturer’s ink cartridges? Shocking!
    Get a grip, Stinkyinkshop compatible ink is king (kong)!

  208. Elliot H says:

    Roy and Matt were appauled at the quality of the photoshopped image

  209. Colin Payne says:

    Wher on earth did I leave my scandisk?

  210. Jen E says:

    Don’t look now but I think your mother in laws behind you!

  211. Paul Mingard says:

    All I said was the mobile phone reception was bad down 5th Avenue.

  212. anthony harrington says:

    I am sure I left the spare ink cartridges here!

  213. Peter Freeman says:

    I told you to check the serial number before ordering a new cartridge

  214. Manpreet Kaur says:

    Do you think he’ll get us a takeaway.

  215. Andrew Petrie says:

    K-ink Kong strikes again

  216. David anstee says:

    Like my new house

  217. Ann martin says:

    I don’t know Brad,it’s the same every Friday night.These cheeky monkeys just cannot hold their drink these days.Why in my day we could drink through to dawn and still get up for work in the morning.”

  218. VAL CORBIN says:

    Watch out mate, he’s trying to put our crown jewels on top of the throne. H E L P!!!!!!!!!!

  219. David says:

    ‘Nnnnnooo! That’s The Last Time You Arrange a Blind Date For Me!!!!!’ ‘You said that she said her names ‘Prisilla’, not she’s a ‘Gorilla’!!

  220. The uniform I can live with, but I Googled Gorilla advertising before I took this job and think I forgot to read the smallprint!

  221. Mark Gibbons says:

    He says he’s not keeping us; he’s returning us to our Benevolent Dictator!!! Aargh!!

  222. Tom says:

    What some apes will do to get their hands on stinkyink

  223. Sharon says:

    You said you wanted to raise the roof with your special StinkyInk deals, so here goes…the roof it is!

  224. Michael North says:

    Two Tenors in a Fist, Good job King Kong hasn’t any ears !

  225. Luke says:


  226. Zoe Whyman says:

    “Ow, Kong’s got me by the….”

  227. Toni Quandt says:

    ohhhhhhh ding dong

  228. I said ‘ I could crush a grape’ NOT ‘get crushed by ape’

  229. Jason Meadows says:

    I said ‘I could crush a grape’ NOT ‘get crushed by ape’

  230. Rob Falconer says:

    It’s Derek I feel sorry for – he wore his banana-coloured overalls to work today

  231. Angela Ward says:

    I said “Let’s give Stinkyink a try, mate” not primate!!!

  232. Danielle Donaghy says:

    gee king kong must of ordered the wrong ink cartridges…

  233. next time you’re asked for suggestions for a team-bonding exercise, can’t you just say ‘paintballing’ like everybody else?

  234. Michael Clarke says:

    Kong is saying Grrrr Grrrrrr GRRRRR.

  235. What’s it got in its pocketses?

  236. Phill Coker says:

    Realy should have checked those cartridges before we shipped them ??

  237. Isabel Burton says:

    “I told you it was hotter at the top, now put us down!

  238. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I don’t think this is what they had in mind when they thought about ‘going gorillas’!

  239. Heather M says:

    And you told me working here would be a doddle…

  240. Hel Jones says:

    See – I’ve still got some Chewit left in my mouth!

  241. Funny Lady says:

    “Aaaghhh…..he’s got me by the hewlett packards…..!
    “That’s nothing… printhead’s wrapped around my inkjets…..HELP….!”

  242. naomi smith says:

    At, there’s free, fast delivery, whatever the order size!!

  243. Two’s company, three is a crowd!

  244. John Dean says:

    “Just what sort of film are we making?!”

  245. “Don’t think were hear to Bunji jump somehow?”

  246. Rosalind Sargent says:

    we should have gone to specsavers, I thought this was the Lift

  247. jim rutter says:

    Did he just do what I think he did ?

  248. The Boyzone cover band auditions weren’t going well.

  249. K. Harrison says:

    Argh!!! The monkey is taking us up the tower

  250. Carla says:

    “Oh hell Larry did you just let one go? Hes sure to smell it and go ape”

  251. matthew short says:

    Hey who farted!

  252. Cheryl Higgins says:

    it’s peter Jackson’s boringly long king kong remake… in 3D
    Those men really wish they hadn’t watched ANOTHER of his movies!

  253. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    When the cops TOWER over you, keep your calm and don’t go APE!

  254. Tony Watkins says:

    King Kong’s ideas for a new kind of red ink didn’t go down too well with his colleagues in the R&D dept.

  255. Dave Kibble says:

    Ahhhhhh, never thought much about our uniforms But, boy am I glad now the trousers are brown!!

  256. Graeme says:

    The Andy Serkis interview was scarier than they had expected.

  257. mark sanderson says:

    “I thought you said you were good with Photoshop!!!!”

  258. M Evans says:

    This stag party is getting a bit out of of hand,what other surprises have you go planned and you are not telling me about!!!!!!

  259. Ian Dowson says:

    Seems Legit…

  260. Adele Leek says:

    Hey lads- “see I told you we could see our house from up here!”

  261. Joanne Mapp says:

    I thought you were going to introduce me to your new Thai mate, not primate

  262. MALCOLM SKILTON says:


  263. Michelle Best says:

    With stinky breath like that, will be begging Kong to eat me soon!

  264. Peter Hornett says:

    That’s the biggest stinky one I’ve ever seen!

  265. Ryan says:

    They told us no monkey business whilst working…

  266. Al C says:


  267. John Tingay says:

    Roy and Matt quickly regretted getting involved with the ‘Adopt a Gorilla’ scheme.

  268. Liz simpson says:

    Ding dong King Kong

  269. Inga says:

    Lets sing together ” I’m on the top of the world looking down on.creation it’s the only………”

  270. “WHAT THE Dell Roy! I said we needed to re -fill- a Xerox and you got the magnifications wrong again!


  272. Andy says:

    The Monkees reunion quickly turned into a disaster when management realised they had booked three random apes from the zoo instead!

  273. Irene Gray says:

    that’s another fine mess you got me into – Ollie ?

  274. Paul Beverley says:

    it wasn’t the airplanes. It was beauty killed the beast….oh hang on, no…it was the airplanes

  275. natalie white says:

    Mr Gorilla & his trusted companions were on the lookout for a new toilet roll holder for Mr Gorilla’s new batchelor pad.

  276. Kevin says:

    Who’s turn is it to be Fay Wray today?

  277. Lauren says:

    King Kong Junior climbs the Shard with his StinkyInk cartridge replacements after mistaking office workers for ‘Cyan and Magenta’. He tweeted to officials that he wanted to win the ‘Ipad Mini’ to facetime his dad at the Empire State Building.

  278. Ian says:

    I think the re-enactment of “The Mario Brothers meet Donkey Kong” has got out of control, these STINKYINK viral advertising campaigns are getting out of hand, what next? “Jet Set Willy”

  279. William Haggerty says:

    Your in pain, you want to see where is forefinger is !

  280. Keith says:

    “Was this REALLY the only place to get a good wifi signal for the printer? …and by the way, I don’t like the look of yours…”

  281. zander1976 says:

    which one of you two were the last to use the printer ,as its out of ink grrrrrr

  282. cyril dare says:

    Stinkyink cartridges don’t get us in this predicamant !

  283. Trevor Burch says:

    “Hey Roy, after that gorilling from the new MD, I think we need to become biceptual!”

  284. Chris says:

    “IT’S BEHIND YOU!” What is?

  285. Caryn says:

    Your stinky breath or Kong and Stinky Ink – I know which I’d choose!

  286. Philip ;Lowery says:

    What do you mean”compatible!”

  287. Tim Armstrong says:

    Placido and Luciano rehearse wacky production of Madame Butterfly.

  288. jamie hawkes says:

    keep calm and kong on

  289. Gerry says:

    Looks like Ant & Dec have finally got their just deserves

  290. Tim Cullen says:

    Ah, for the days when I had a Hollywood blonde in my hand — much more fun that two printer executives!

  291. This is what happens if you haven’t got enough ink to print out Mrs Kong – should have gone to!

  292. Lucinda says:

    John was thrilled with his first attempt at photoshop!

  293. Rick says:

    So this is what they mean by ‘Gorilla’ advertising

  294. Ray says:

    I told Gladis in HR to replace that ink cartridge some time ago , are you sure that memo said “go capture Mr Gorilla”

  295. Carolin says:

    The Village People were never the same again after this.

  296. Kevin says:

    Either the world has shrunk or we’ve got really big. By the way, have you met my gorilla?

  297. Robert Lomas says:

    Where does the ink go?

  298. Owen says:

    Aaaagh! Just watch where you’re putting that finger

  299. linda says:

    wow Matt this is an inkcredible view , but we’ll be in a right state if we don’t get the next delivery done… this Gorillas got his his big hands on my package.

  300. mark bexon says:

    Hey! Kong! Dont crush us!
    You will never get our ink-stain off….Never mind the Stink!

    (Thats warned him)

  301. John White says:

    If this is a fibreglass model – why did it just move

  302. Jan Phillips says:

    ”I don’t WANT to be the fairy on the top of THIS tree, have you seen the size of the point?”

  303. Cop 1: “Have we been photoshopped?”
    Cop 2, “Yes…but where have they put the gorilla’s other hand???”

  304. Alan Powell says:

    I only ordered a tube of glue on ebay, honest!

  305. Derek Pinion says:

    When we paid £25 to go up The Shard I really expected to go by lift

  306. Don Wilson says:

    I think I prefer my own dentist!

  307. Chris Ager says:

    Right, just need to open the top of this giant ballpoint and insert these two stinkyink cartridges…

  308. John Blackie says:

    Either he’s got his teeth in upside down or I have. Tried that with an ink cartridge once…..

  309. Alan Lumley says:

    Stinky Ink-pits aaaaaaaaaaaaah

  310. Andy says:

    Terry Christian and Keith Flint got more than they bargained for when they signed up for The View From The Shard.

  311. Terry Dalley says:

    When I said give us a hand with window cleaning this is
    Not exactly what I expected .

  312. Mark Darby says:

    i know what the “N” is in stinky ink, its the noise i just made when i turned round

  313. Lorna says:

    This’ll stop you recommending that dentist again!

  314. Lorna Lalji says:

    “Insert cartridges in printer… Hmmmm…” The boys really wished Kong hadn’t skipped that optician appointment!

  315. Mark Darby says:

    “Bloody stupid place to put a printer”

  316. Stephen Evans says:

    Monkeying around to get you huge discounts at Stinkyink HQ!

  317. David Howell says:


  318. Jim skinner says:

    Doesn’t look like enough meat on these two … I would rather have a nice piece of Horse

  319. McRoy says:

    it’s Kongs, Bring kids to work day..

  320. Carl says:

    Kong was fiercely against gay marriage.