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3D Templates For Your Nokia Lumia Phone Case Jan 21, 2013 09:56 by Matt Bird

nokia-lumia-820The clever chappies at Nokia have released templates for a 3D printing development kit (nicknamed 3DK) to let you design and print your own case for a Nokia Lumia 820.

Links to the Nokia Lumia 820 templates:

  1. Lumia 820 Back Panel template
  2. Lumia 820 Back Shell template
  3. Lumia 820 Back Shell (separated) template

Once you register as a Nokia user (all you’ll need is an email address), you’ll be able to download the plans you need and get designing!

What would you put on your phone case if you could have anything? Personally I like the idea of a glow in the dark emblem, and possibly a bottle opener…. but that’s just me.

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