Meet the Stinkyink Team

Stinkyink wouldn't be the company it is without the people that work here. These individuals do everything from answering the phone and shipping your orders, to sorting the accounts and wrangling the bits and bytes that make up our website. If you want to find out more about our team you're in the right place.

The Management

Andrew PierceManaging Director (also answers to "Sith Lord Pierce")

Andy took control of Stinkyink early in 2016, ready to drive us forward, with ideas and creativity flowing. He is a keen spreadsheet man and footballer, a formidable combination. Specialising in goals and strategy, he's the Pep to our Messi-tech-team and will keep Stinkyink ticking over at the cutting edge of website and customer service performance. He supports Wolverhampton Wanderers, which we've all managed to forgive him for, so you can too. He's alright, really.

Purchasing and Finance

Laura MorrisManagement Accountant

Laura is an Aston Villa fan. We'll give you a moment to let that sink in and digest....... You okay there, reader? We were shocked too. But it turns out that, as well as possessing a superpower with numbers and finance, she's sickeningly good at golf. So, if we're nice to her, maybe she'll teach us.

Roy HamiltonBuyer

Otherwise known as McRoy, to avoid confusion with our now-retired previous Purchasing Manager of the same name, McRoy keeps our quality products ticking over. A Scotsman in charge of buying, we're aware that truckloads of Irn-Bru is on the way, but it's worth it for how low he keeps our prices. He enjoys playing golf and squash in his spare time along with being an ice hockey referee, supervisor and instructor.

Customer Service Superstars

Kirsty BarlowCustomer Service and Product Manager

Kirsty heads up the customer service and product division at Stinkyink, making sure humans are treated as humans, and products as products. Though entertaining when this gets mixed up, it can be awkward, so she keeps a firm grip on reality whilst keeping us number 1 for customer satisfaction. She's slowly coming to terms with the fact she's not the main Pokemon Master at Stinkyink, but Pokemon Padawan has a nice ring to it.

Tara WardCustomer Service Representative

Tara handled her first ever issue with "sorry it's not playing cricket". This instantly made her a Stinkyink favourite, and coupled with her outstanding brownies (they're all ours, mwahaha) and knowledge of golf, it's as if she's always been here. She motorbikes, she bakes, and she gets terribly confused by anyone who wears glasses.

Elly BourneCustomer Service Representative

You've heard of Cardi B - now let us introduce you to Elly B! Elly does a lot of research in her spare time (and by "research" we mean shopping). As a shopping addict, Elly knows what qualifies as great customer service. You'll find her out and about with family and friends, enjoying the sun.

Zara WebbCustomer Service Representative

Zara is Stinkyink's resident Disney and dinosaur expert who honed her experience working at Disney World, Florida but has now swapped that for even sunnier Shropshire. Questions about ink, printing or Dippy The Dinosaur always welcome.


Sandra WilsonHead of Stores

Sandra oversees our despatch department, ensuring all of your orders get processed, packed and shipped the same day you order, each and every working day. With the all-powerful authority relating to how many free-pens and business cards you get with your order, without her there would be anarchy in the stores... Well, maybe not that bad, but she definitely helps.

Joy GrubbHead Store Assistant

Joy is Sandra’s go-to woman, with an incredible ability to get things done. A warehouse picking machine, the rate Joy can get through orders really is something to behold. With a keen eye for accuracy and attention to detail, Joy is also making herself a name as a website critique, frequently pointing Matt towards the latest issue to be addressed. Looking to get to know Joy? Just mention photo paper and she can talk to you for hours, she loves the stuff.

Jenny FranceStore Assistant

If it needs picking or packing, then Jenny is the woman for the job. Faster than a speeding bullet, Jenny helps to ensure your ink gets out of the warehouse and on the road in a jiffy!

Our digital magicians

Matt HargravesBackend Engineer

Our king in the north. Talented Ruby on Rails developer. If he's not running reports, he's... well... running... for the fun of it!

Michael PallisterFrontend Developer

Also from the North. He can usually be found moving boxes around the screen trying to make things look nice. Outside of work he enjoys running, football and 16-bit computer games.

Lee GarringtonDigital Marketing Manager

SEO, PPC, we don’t know what they are either. That’s why we employ someone who does. If someone is searching for printer ink it’s Lee’s job to ensure they sniff out Stinkyink. Like Andy, Lee is a Wolves fan (it helped in the interview), he still collects CDs and hates streaming (hey, it’s 2021!). He also loves travel, cooking and is a meditator. Aiming to bring a touch of Zen to the world of printer ink.

Charlotte BallMarketing Assistant

With a history of fencing, be sure not to cause Charlotte any offence. One of our creative spirits. Passing the time with photography, designing and baking. Charlotte supports a whole array of marketing functions to help keep our lovely customers coming back for more.

You, our beloved Stinkyink'ers

Yep - straight for the cliche

You lovely Stinkyink'ers, our customers, are as much a part of our team as any of us. We constantly listen to your feedback and comments, always looking to improve. Don't be put off by our (hopefully hilarious) team bios, we are a professional team always striving to be better. We have won many awards for our unrivalled product quality, customer service and speed of delivery, but we're always striving for better. You make that possible, so thank you.


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