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Compatible High Capacity HP 934XL Black Ink Cartridge

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Where do I find my printer model?

The model is nearly always found on the front or top of your printer. It usually has the manufacturer name followed by letters & numbers.

Check this ink fits your printer:
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Where do I find my printer model?

The model is nearly always found on the front or top of your printer. It usually has the manufacturer name followed by letters & numbers.

Check this ink fits your printer:

This money-saving compatible prints up to 1000 pages of bold, crisp documents and saves you up to 70% against buying the original HP ink.

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Colour Compatibility Page Yield
Black Compatible 1000

This ink cartridge is guaranteed to work in the following HP printers

1000 pages

Page Yield Up To 1000 Pages

This Compatible High Capacity HP 934XL Black Ink Cartridge is quoted as doing up to 1000 pages before needing to be replaced.

The page yield is calculated by manufacturers using ISO/IEC 24711 standards, where they print set documents of 5% page coverage until the cartridge is empty. The standard means you can compare yields between cartridges and manufacturers.

Compatible Ink To Replace The Genuine 934

These Compatible High Capacity HP 934XL Black Ink Cartridges are brand new cartridges made by a third party company as a money saving alternative to using the genuine HP ink. They're fantastic inks that give you:

  • the same easy installation
  • print quality as good as the original HP inks
  • a 12 month money back guarantee

This compatible black is manufactured to strict quality guidelines and standards, guaranteeing you get the best print quality in your HP printer at a fraction of the cost.

Compatible High Capacity HP 934XL Black Ink Cartridge can be recycled!

Every ink cartridge and toner sold by Stinkyink can now be recycled. Please let us to fight plastic waste by recycling your used cartridges. There are two ways to recycle depending on the product you have purchased. Learn more about the Stinkyink recycling scheme.

Why choose this ink?

  • Money-saving compatible - Save up to 70% compared to buying an original, whilst still receiving high quality prints.

  • Mid-high volume use - Print up to 1000 pages based on printing on 5% of an A4 page. That's almost triple the pages you would get from a standard cartridge.

  • Store up to a year - Store happily for up to 12-months in a cool, dry place.

  • Quality assured - Always print with confidence covered by our Stinkyink 12-month guarantee


Page Yield 1000 pages
Running Cost 0.77p per page

Running Cost

This value is calculated from manufacturer's estimates of how many pages a cartridge will print, and should only be used to compare cartridge running costs.

Page yields are estimated using the ISO standard of 5% coverage on a plain A4 page, which is roughly the length of a short letter.

Colour Black
Compatibility Compatible
Range HP 934 & 935 ink cartridge range
Brand Third Party
Condition New
Original version available for £38.40 inc VAT

If you would rather spend a bit more for genuine HP ink cartridges you can order them for £38.40 inc VAT.
Buy the original HP ink cartridges.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews for the Compatible High Capacity HP 934XL Black Ink Cartridge
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4 star
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Average customer rating
(6 reviews)
July 14, 2023
by Graham BORLAND

Only time will tell how many copies the cartridge will print, but installation was straightforward and the initial print quality is excellent

A member of the Stinkyink.com team has responded to this review. View more information.

Thanks for leaving us a fab 5 star review, have a great day! :)

Answered by Zara Webb (staff member) - July 17, 2023 11:40
June 14, 2022
by Malcolm.Lovelock

Happy with the service, always been happy with the black cartridge. Not used any of my items just yet, as they are spares.

A member of the Stinkyink.com team has responded to this review. View more information.

Thanks for the review, have a wonderful day :) .

Answered by Zara Webb (staff member) - June 14, 2022 10:39
January 08, 2021
by Harvey L Kaplan

catridge is fine

August 21, 2019
by J. Wright Audio Services

I hope this one lasts longer than the one it replaced

A member of the Stinkyink.com team has responded to this review. View more information.

Hi John,
I'm sorry to hear that the previous cartridge didn't last long.
I will get in touch to discuss this with you and get the issue sorted.
Sorry for any trouble caused.

Answered by Tara Ward (staff member) - August 21, 2019 09:46
May 01, 2019
by J. Wright Audio Services

This was a replacement for one which arrived leaking.
Works ok but is not recognised by the printer so it shows empty.
You can't tell when its running out until the printing fades out

April 13, 2018
by Joan McFarland

Excellent value my HP printer did not play up because cartridge was generic much better value pp fast delivery useful free pen. Not seen better prices and only other place I tried took nearly a week to deliver. Only comparison between these two companies is the word Stink and there service does with an S

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Will this cartridge work in my HP printer?

Use our 'Check this ink fits your printer' box at the top of this page to confirm this cartridge is suitable for your printer model. In most cases the model number is written on the front of your printer.

Note: These cartridges will only work in printers purchased in the UK and Europe. Printers purchased outside of these zones will have different coding and electronics.

How much ink is in a HP 934 & 935 Compatible cartridge?

We don't advise on the number of millilitres, as not every cartridge prints using the same droplet size, so two cartridges for two different printers may both have 5ml of ink, but one will print more than the other. Instead, more accurately, the industry standard is based on printing 5% of an A4 page.

How many pages will this HP 934 & 935 Compatible cartridge print?

This is known as page yield. The number of pages you'll be able to print depends on the cartridge you purchase and the kind of printing you do. The page yields shown higher up the page are based on printing 5% of the area on an A4 page.

Learn more about how many pages you'll be able to print with this cartridge in this article.

Will this cartridge work alongside HP Instant Ink cartridges?

No, you aren't able to use other cartridges alongside your HP Instant ink ones. Cartridges in the Instant Ink program have different coding, so whilst enrolled, you are locked into their service and must use their cartridges. Read our blog to learn more about HP Instant Ink.

Will an XL cartridge still fit in my printer?

If you choose a high-capacity (XL) version of this cartridge it will still fit in your printer. The size of the cartridge is the same, but they are just filled up more to provide you with extra prints, often at a substantially lower cost per page printed.

Will this compatible ink cartridge work with my printer?

Providing you haven't had a recent firmware update (see question below), you shouldn't have a problem. The chips on our cartridges are updated regularly to avoid firmware interference, but in the unlikely event your printer did reject the cartridges, you are covered by our 12-month guarantee.

What are firmware updates?

Firmware updates are updates put through your printer by the printer manufacturers (e.g. HP, Epson, Canon etc.). The update can contain code that stops any third-party cartridges from working, so that you can only use original brand cartridges. In most cases you cannot undo this update, but you can switch updates off to prevent it.

Do the cartridges display ink levels?

Yes, these cartridges are designed to work no differently from originals, so all the same functions should be available.

The cartridges look different to the originals or ones I have had before, will they fit my printer?

Third-party cartridges must be designed to differ slightly from the originals, to fit in with legal copyright requirements. However, the cartridges are still made to fit in your printer and are tested rigorously to ensure compatibility with your printer. We use a small number of trusted suppliers and while the look of the cartridges can vary slightly from each one, they will fit your printer.

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