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What Do The Letters Mean At The End Of Printer Models? Dec 02, 2013 09:00 by Matt Bird

small scrabble piecesThere are enough printer models flooding the market that picking one  is hard enough without random letters! 980cxi, 1320cn,  8560dtxi…

There’s no explanation of what they mean, just different prices for different letters. Annoying!


What do these printer letters mean?

These letters basically stand for a function or feature the printer provides, so a combination of multiple letters represents lots of different capabilities.

This only applies to letters AFTER the printer model number. Letters before it (e.g. Epson SX515) are just the printers family group.

Only a few functions have 2 letters, the vast majority are a function to an individual letter, and they’re mostly consistent across manufacturers, so we’ve outlined them individually below.


B = Battery

You’ll see this one pretty rarely, it means the printer can be powered by battery, making it portable!


BT = Bluetooth

Print by bluetooth! Can’t say we’ve ever need to, but it exists.


C = Colour

This means the printer will provide more than just black prints… seems a bit pointless as you never get non-colour versions of the same model number. Odd.


D = Duplex

Not up with printer lingo? Duplex means the printer will automatically print on both sides of a page. So no printing on one side, manually turning the sheet around and re-printing. Handy!


F = Fax

Boggles the mind that people still use Fax, but printers still have ’em, and a big F lets you know.


H = Hard Disk

Printer hard disks open up a range of features that you may or may not need. Options such as user profiles (so stop certain people printing a lot), scheduled print jobs and saving faxes if the ink has run out, they’re helpful options but non-critical for most users.


i = Card Slots (Imaging)

Need the option to plug a memory card into your printer? i means this is available, but that function is available on a lot of printers that do not show this letter, so check anyway.


MFP = Multi function printer

Multi function printer typically means your printer is an “all-in-one” with bonus functionality, typically including scan /copy / fax etc. Check!


N = Network

An N means your printer will come with some form of network feature, typically an ethernet port or wi-fi connectivity. Be careful when it is coupled with w (so nw), this does not guarantee a physical ethernet port, and may just be wireless networking.


S = Stacker or Stapler

S annoyingly stands for 1 of 2 functions, with SK indicating it has both. (A stacker is what it says, a section that printed paper will be stacked, for really high volume printing.)


SK = Stacker and Stapler

No confusion here, you get both the stacker and stapler, typically only found in really high volume laser printers.


T = Extra Tray

T indicates your printer will have an extra paper tray included, giving you space for (typically) an extra ream of paper.


W = Wireless

Pretty self explanatory, a W means your printer will have wireless capability, giving you less cables to faff with if you have a network set up.


X = Duplex, Extra Tray and Networking

This used to be ‘dtn’, but manufacturers deemed that too confusing (ha!) so gave it a single letter with no indication of what it meant. Only in the printer industry…

Please note: X may occasionally mean a different selection of features, but these are the most common. Check the printer spec list!



These letters combine for your overall functionality

If you see multiple letters, they’re highlighting the combination of features.

So DN becomes duplexing and networking capability.

DTW means you’ll get duplexing, an extra paper tray and wireless connectivity.


We hope you’ve found this explanation useful. If you find a letter we’ve missed just comment below and we’ll get it added. Happy printing!

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