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Canon Pixma MG7750 Photo Printer Review

Our Verdict

The spiritual successor to our previous best buy, the Canon MG7750 brings the same fantastic performance as the MG7550 and assumes the mantle of our top photo printer you can buy in 2016.


  • Brilliant photo prints
  • Clear touchscreen
  • Wireless & AirPrint
  • Auto 2-sided printing (duplex)


  • Can be noisy when initialising
  • More expensive to run than standard home printers

Reviewed on: February 2016

Suitable For

The Canon MG7750 is a direct replacement for the now-discontinued MG7550 and is designed for home printing & photo printing. It's a fantastic home printer, though a bit more expensive to run that other machines, but the main strength is for colour and photo printing where it is one of the best we've seen. If you're less after photo's and more after a brilliant printer try the Canon MG5750 instead.

Features & Connectivity

In short the Canon MG7750 has all the features you need and is also Windows 10 and OS X compatible. You can print-to and scan-to all of the common areas like Google Drive or Dropbox, it has full Wireless and AirPrint functionality, twin paper trays and CD printing, there's not a Home Printer function we can think of that it doesn't have.

  • Wireless & Network Port
  • 6-cartridges for best colour results
  • Auto 2-sided printing (duplex)
  • Scanner & Copier
  • Scan-to and Copy-to functionality
  • Touchscreen & easy to use menu
  • Near-Field Communication
  • AirPrint & Google Cloud Print
  • Card reader & PictBridge connections
  • CD printing
  • Twin paper trays

You also get access to the Canon PRINT app which, in addition to the normal printing features you'd expect, also allows you to check the printer status, manual and real time ink levels anywhere at any time.

Print Speed & Quality

For 'normal' printing the Canon MG7750 is competitive with other home printers on the market at around 10 pages per minute. This makes it fast enough for a home or quiet office, but anything busier will need a more heavy-duty focused machine.

It's obviously much slower when printing photos but it's a respectable speed and either way, the prints are worth the wait. There's a reason this printer is our top-rated photo printer (at time of writing) and it's all down to the simply fantastic print quality. What's most impressive is the range of photos it can handle. Sepia prints? Aced them. Fleshy tones for close ups? Incredibly realistic. Bright, vivid tones... monochrome... from light to dark... it is comfortable with any and all requirements and is a stunning all-rounder in this regard.

Switching from photo mode to draft for the kids homework? The MG7750 has a dedicated back cartridge for work and text documents which it uses whenever it detects a non-image file being printed. This helps keep your printing costs down and means you won't waste any valuable photo ink on your normal work, a lovely touch Canon has been using for quite some time now.

Cartridges & Running Costs

The Canon MG7750 uses a 6-ink system. You have one large black dedicated for work and text printing (the PGi-570xl). You then have 5 colour cartridges for your photos: cyan, magenta, yellow, grey and a separate black. The inclusion of a grey improves the range of colours your printer can reproduce and is very apparent when you print any greyscale or monochrome prints, the results are miles ahead of similar level 4-cartridge printers.

These cartridges come in two different capacities, standard and XL. We would heavily recommend never purchasing the standard cartridges. They have a very low capacity and their cost-per-page is over 3p (expensive). The high capacity XL cartridges, though more expensive to buy up front, give far better running costs and are more economical, working out under 2p per page when purchased as a set. This is more expensive than 'normal' home printers and other photo options which typically work out closer to 1.5p per page, but you're paying for the quality results which is more than worth the difference in our opinion.

Compatibles are not available at time of writing (Feb 2016) but are on the way. Until they're available there is no "budget option" for using this printer and you're stuck with the genuine inks. It's highly unlikely you'd buy this printer if wanting budget printing though so we won't hold this against it.

Who Should Buy This Printer?

Ultimately this printer is perfect for 2 groups of people. The first group are photo enthusiasts who want/need quality. Unless you go to the professional-aimed machines that cost upwards of £300 you won't find better quality for your home. The second are customers who don't mind paying a little bit extra for quality. This machine will last and, while being slightly more expensive to run, you get what you pay for. 

Ink Cartridges For This Printer

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