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Canon Pixma IP7250 Printer Review

Our Verdict

Even though it's a few years old this is still a quality budget printer which doesn't bother with a scanner or copier unlike its rivals. A fantastic machine if all you want to do is... print.


  • Duplex (2-sided printing)
  • Wireless
  • AirPrint compatible
  • Awesome photo prints


  • No scanner or copier
  • Low yield cartridges

Reviewed on: March 2015

Suitable For

This iP7250 Canon printer is ideal for home users who want normal documents and photos and don't print more than 500 pages a month. Can also work for a student or small-office printer but there are better options if you won't be printing colour very much.

Features & Connectivity

The iP7250 is a basic A4 printer that does away with any additional functionality and instead focuses on the printing itself.

 - Automatic 2-sided printing with Duplex
 - Wireless
 - AirPrint support
 - Print onto CD/DVD
 - Two paper trays (standard and photo)

The most important omissions here are the lack of scanner or copier. Fans of direct printing will notice you're also missing a card reader and there's no front-facing USB port. This is annoying when everything else to the printer is so well suited to photo printing, but the amount of wireless and mobile printing options make up for this slightly.

Two paper trays allow up to 125 pages of standard paper and 20 photo sheets each, more than enough for home use, and if you're doing any CD/DVD prints it's handily stored on the underside of the photo tray. Nice and simple (though we find people very rarely use this function).

Wireless connection is easy with the front-facing WPS button, press that and then the button on your router and jobs a good'un, you're ready to go. Overall an easy to use, functional printer as long as you don't need a scanner.

Print Speed & Quality

Print speed is much faster than other budget machines, clocking in around  9 pages per minute (ppm) for 'normal' documents and around 5ppm for mixed-colour and graphic documents. This is nearly double the budget Epson and Brother printers so if speed is what you're after in a cheaper machine this Canon is your best bet. Duplexing even manages close to 4ppm.

This faster speed does not impact quality with the best printing results we've seen in a budget printer. Normal documents are more than good enough for home or the office and colour prints are up there with all but the best colour printers. Photo's come out bright and vivid, with smooth colour gradients. Chuck some photo paper into this Canon and you'll get photo prints good enough to frame. They're obviously not up to the level of 'proper' photo printers but for a budget machine it gives great results, far better than cheaper competitor options.

Cartridges & Running Costs

The iP7250 takes five separate ink cartridges, each easily installed by lifting the front lid of the printer. Canon's patented lights are  used here, with a handy red light showing when cartridges are installed properly and ready to go. 

Of the five cartridges you have one large "thick" black that is designed and optimised for text/document printing, the PGi cartridge, and four thin 'CLi' cartridges for all of your colour printing. This separation of text and image cartridges is one of the main reasons print quality is so good across the board and its helpful as you only replace the ink you use with very little waste.

Each cartridge comes in a standard or high capacity (XL) version but frustratingly the XL inks aren't actually that 'XL'. The high capacity of the large black only yields 500 pages meaning print costs aren't that much lower. At around 2p per page for normal documents, increasing per page for any colour that gets used, running costs are competitive but could be better. Other budget printers, like the Brother we reviewed, have larger cartridges which will last far longer.

Ultimately the iP7250 has decent running costs for a budget printer, coupled with very high print qualityThere's a live list of cartridge prices for this printer at the bottom of this review, or you can see a full list of Canon iP7250 cartridges here.

Who Should Buy This printer

Anyone wanting a home printer that provides excellent quality at a reasonable price and doesn't need any extra functionality like scanning. Students and small-offices may also find a home for this printer as long as they're not printing over 500 pages a month, where running costs may get a bit high.

Ink Cartridges For This Printer

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