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Brother MFC-J6920 Printer Review


Our Verdict

A standout A3 office machine that gives an amazing amount of funtionality for the price. If your office needs a multi-function printer and A3 this is your go to printer.

Buy the Brother MFC-J6920dw A3 Office printer


  • 2-sided prints, fax & scanning
  • A3 printing & scanning
  • Twin paper trays


  • Loud when printing
  • Slow to process print jobs
  • Colour prints aren't great

Reviewed on: March 2015

Suitable For

The Brother MFC-J6920 printer is tailor made for busy offices that have varied requirements from a printer. It has every feature you could want, handles any size up to A3 while giving you decent print quality for both text and images. It also works as a home/small office printer.

Features & Connectivity

This Brother is one of the most feature-rich printers you'll come across, there are almost too many to list:

 - Wireless & networking
 - Duplex (2 sided printing) and scanning, even for A3
 - Scanner
 - Automatic document feeder (ADF)
 - 3.7 inch touchscreen
 - Fax
 - Pictbridge, USB and Memory card readers
 - AirPrint & Google Cloud Print
 - Near Field Communication (NFC)
 - Two 250 sheet paper trays
 - Web connected. Scan to/print from Facebook, Dropbox etc

Simply put - everything you could ever need. The ability to copy, fax and duplex A3 pages is absolutely superb and anyone who often works with these tabloid-size pages will find it incredibly valuable. If you don't need such fancy scanning options and can pass up the NFC support it might be worth looking at the MFC-J6720dw Brother printer instead, but it doesn't work out much cheaper to buy.

The separate paper trays mean you can easily stock whichever paper size you commonly print in (so one for A4 and one for A3) which saves a lot of time changing paper around. The trays are big enough that they won't need refilling too often, which is a major downside for some A3 printers we have reviewed that had 100 sheet paper trays. You've also got a single-sheet tray on the back of the printer for any one-off print jobs you have, such as a photograph on extra-thick paper or an envelope.

Using all of your connection options is a breeze so whichever one you choose, be it wireless or ethernet or purely mobile printing, you'll be up and going in seconds. You can even set a network connection up straight through the touchscreen without accessing your PC, and it's intuitive so any issues you encounter will be easy to get through. The additional card readers and USB are all easily access and front-facing, hidden behind a pull-down cover on the left side of the printer (opposite side to the cartridges).

Print Speed & Quality

The MFC-J6920 does no shame to itself with print speed. Average day-to-day documents come out between 4 and 5 pages per minute (ppm) on short print runs and gets close to 10ppm for longer runs, mainly due to long first-page print times from slow processing of print jobs. This isn't a major problem but it's worth nothing. Otherwise the speeds are reasonable for an office machine, you'll only see big improvements over this if you start looking at the new Pagewide technology HP Officejets are using. 

Black print quality is superb, with text reflected incredibly accurately no matter the font size and clearly legible in all of our documents. Graphs and lines also came out clear and well coloured.

Colour prints were a mixed bag however. Whilst the MFC-J6920 is more than acceptable for colour images and handouts (such as your latest jazzed up PowerPoint handouts), photo prints were underwhelming. They come out slightly faded and colours appear washed out. Don't get us wrong they're still reasonable quality, but you can tell this printer is more focussed on an office environment than photo prints. You'll be better off looking at the Epson XP-950 if photos are crucial to your printing.


Cartridges & Running Costs

This Brother takes 4 colour cartridges, each coming in a standard or high capacity version. Running costs for either version are remarkably low but if possible stick to the LC125 XL higher capacity range where prints work out at roughly 1.2 pence per page which is impressively low for a printer with so many other things going for it, and very competitive with similar office printers.

The XL black is quoted at a mammoth 2,400 pages, with each of the colours giving 1,200 pages (all calculated at the 5% industry standard) making the inks very high yield that shouldn't need replacing too often.

Installing each of the inks is simple too, with an easy access cartridge door on the right of the printer folding down to show 4 slide-in slots that are clearly marked for each colour. You replace each of the four cartridges separately when they run out which helps keep your costs down, and the ink levels will give you warnings on the touchscreen (and PC if using one) when they are running low. Nice and simple!

Who Should Buy This Printer

This printer is perfect for any home or busy office that needs their printer to do it all. It has a huge list of features, can be printed to from nearly any device, is cheap to run and gives very good quality

If you want a cheaper machine for a small sacrifice in print quality the Brother MFC-J6520dw is a fantastic machine that is almost identical to this printer and costs a little less to buy, but we'd say spend the tiny bit extra and get this fantastic can-do-it-all printer.

Buy the Brother MFC-J6920dw A3 Office printer

Ink Cartridges For This Printer

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