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Apple Airprint Guide & Airprint Printers

AirPrint is Apple's wireless printing technology, letting you print from any Apple device to a machine that is AirPrint compatible. 

We've brought together all of the information you'll need about AirPrint so whether you're searching for a printer recommendation or simply wanting to learn the benefits of it, we've got you covered. 

Last updated: May 2017. This guide contains advice on how to use Apple AirPrint plus the best AirPrint machines available. If you see a printer recommended that was reviewed a long time ago don't worry, it's still the best available even after reviewing newer models.

Important points to note about this guide:

  • We provide links to buy the top rated printers
  • We only sell top recommended printers if we would use them ourselves
  • We do not recommend an AirPrint compatible printer if they are unreasonably expensive to run
  • This guide is updated as Best Buy printers change
  • Apple AirPrint is not a necessity as yet, and there are many guides at the bottom of the page with non-AirPrint recommendations

How Do You Setup Apple AirPrint

AirPrint itself is pretty simple to setup. Once you have installed your printer all you need to do is connect it to the same wireless network your Apple devices use. Once done, find the Share/Options box in any app (typically highlighted with an arrow) and you'll find a print option. If everything works as intended your printer will be listed and you're good to go.

Why isn't AirPrint working?

Thankfully, due to the simplicity of setup, there are very few things that can go wrong so troubleshooting is pretty quick:

  1. You're not on the same network as your printer
  2. Your printer needs a firmware update
  3. Your printer isn't turned on (it happens)
  4. Your printer isn't AirPrint compatible

Check each of those issues and you should find the cause. If somehow you're still unable to print, try printing from your computer. if that works you know it's an issue with your AirPrint installation. if it doesn't, something is wrong with your network or printer and you can take troubleshooting from there.

Tips For Buying A New AirPrint Printer

Do's Don'ts
Find a good printer deal and check the price of cartridges Buy a printer because it is on sale
Check how many pages a cartridge is quoted as doing Assume cheap cartridge are better value
Read user reviews online Blindly follow in-store recommendations
Consider different brands Buy at the same time as your Apple product - they are marked up heavily
Double check it definitely has AirPrint, not just Wireless

Key Questions:

Do I actually need AirPrint?

If you'll ever change from Apple branded devices, or can make do with just wireless printing options, you'll be able to choose from far more printers than just the AirPrint compatible models.

Am I going to print photos?

Existing Apple AirPrint printers are focused to either Office's or Home Users. Make sure the one you're buying is suitable for heavy photo and colour printing requirements.

The Best AirPrint Printer

Canon Pixma TS6050

Reviewed on: May 2017

Winner of our best overall home printer recommendation, the Canon Pixma TS6050 also has AirPrint support so, naturally, it is also our top recommended AirPrint printer for the home. With a great selection of functionality, brilliant print quality and ease of use, it performs strongly in every area and is just a great all round printer.

It works out slightly more expensive to run than other home inkjet printers but the performance and quality make it worthwhile and we believe it's worth the few extra pennies. Read more in the full Canon Pixma TS6050 printer review.

Key Features:

AirPrint; Amazing photo prints; Two black cartridges; Touchscreen. 

Perfect for you if...

You want one of the best printers available whilst satisfying your need for AirPrint.

Cartridges: Canon Pixma TS6050 ink cartridges

Order the Canon Pixma TS6050 Printer

The Best Office AirPrint Printer

HP Pagewide Pro 477dw

Reviewed on: May 2017

Taking top spot for 2017, the HP Pro 477dw is a monstrously good printer and isn't just the winner of our Best Office AirPrint winner but also our Best Overall Office Printer award too! It has everything an office needs and, for any office that needs a printer doing a good few thousand pages a month, is the perfect machine.

The major selling point of this machine, like the previous top office printer the X476dw, is its use of HP's Page Width printhead technology. This means there is no printhead whizzing back and forth over the page, with one single pass creating incredibly fast high-quality prints. Read the full HP Pagewide Pro 477dw review.

Key Features:

AirPrint; Fast prints; High capacity cartridges; Touchscreen; USB; Ethernet/Wireless. 

Perfect for you if...

You print over 500 pages a month, need colour and cheap running costs with fantastic, fast print quality.

Cartridges: HP Pagewide Pro 477dw ink cartridges

Order the HP Pagewide Pro 477dw Printer

The Cheapest AirPrint Printer

HP Envy 4527

Reviewed on: May 2017

The HP Envy 4527 is one of HP's cheapest home printers, giving you a wireless printer with a built-in scanner for far less than nearly any other manufacturer can manage. It's easy to use, has fanastic print quality and is just a solid all-round budget machine. 

This printer is not the cheapest to run. It takes two cartridges, a black and a tri-colour, which give a higher cost-per-page than more expensive printers with individual cartridges. However with a tremendously low price and great performance, if you print infrequently and don't burn through cartridges, the HP Envy 4527 will be perfect and the cartridge prices won't be too painful. Read more in the HP Envy 4527 printer review.

Key Features:

AirPrint; Wireless; Scanner

Perfect for you if...

You use your printer every so often and want a cheap to buy machine.

Cartridges: HP Envy 4527 ink cartridges

A Full List Of AirPrint Printers

If you've got your eye on a specific printer and want to check if it is AirPrint compatible then head over to Apple's website to see a full-and-constantly-updated list of AirPrint printers. 

View all Apple AirPrint printers


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