Epson Photo Paper

What Size Epson Photo Paper Can My Printer Take?

Epson keeps paper weight and size simple for the majority of printers. If your printer does not have a rear paper feed you can take paper weight up to 255gsm.

If your printer has a rear paper feed then it depends on your printer model as you'll be able to use a varied selection of max weight/thickness.

  1. Nearly all Epson printers take up to 255gsm weight photo paper
  2. If you have a rear paper feed you'll be able to use thicker/heavier photo paper
  3. It's always safer to check your printer specification than guess
  4. The coating doesn't matter in the vast majority of printers

What Different Epson Photo Paper Can I Buy Online?

Epson has a clear and easy to follow naming and star convention for their papers. The name dictates which tier of paper you have (normal, premium, ultra), and the stars dictate which value of that tier you have. So the best of the best is a 5 star ultra tier, with 3 star "normal" tier being the entry level paper.

Epson Photo Paper Names

If your pack says Epson photo paper it's their entry level photo paper for hobbyists wanting to keep prices down but with good quality. They give great quality prints, but they're not designed for long archival life.

If your pack says Epson Premium photo paper it's the most expensive option for keen photo printing enthusiasts. They offer the best colour matching, brightness and archival time. It's more expensive, and boy is it worth it.

Epson Ultra paper is the best of the best. It's unlikely you own this paper without knowing what you're buying already as it's very niche and very good.

Epson Photo Paper Star Rating

The stars dictate what level of paper you have within your named tier. There are three levels, with five star the best (and likely heaviest photo paper) in that range. 3 star will be the entry level photo paper for that Epson range, and 4 star sits you nicely in the middle.

Latest customer reviews of our epson photo paper

Epson 6x4 Glossy Photo Paper - 50 Sheets

Excellent value and quality item from Stinky Ink, as usual. Recommended for all photographic/printing requirements!
- Sheena B

Epson 13x18 Premium Glossy Photo Paper - 30 Sheets

Epson photo paper excellent quality, service from StinkyInk also excellent, order received the following day!
- Tony K

Epson A4 Matte Photo Paper 50 Sheets

Great paper, gives excellent presentation results. I use Epson matte as I think it is the best around for my display work,
- Sue

Twinpack of Epson 10x15 Premium Glossy Photo Paper - 80 Sheets

Having just renewed my printer to an Epson these 10x15 photo paper twin packs by Epson fit the bill perfectly.The print quality is first class as is the low low price and superfast delivery. Thank you Stinkyink.
- Keith

Twinpack of Epson 10x15 Premium Glossy Photo Paper - 80 Sheets

I use this great Epson product with my Epson XP685 printer using a ciss ink system and get fantastic prints. Would highly recommend this photo printing paper.
- J P

Epson A4 Archival Matte Photo Paper - 50 Sheets

Epson A4 Archival Matte Photo Paper is a fantastic paper, it gives great results. Stinkyink delivered at a good price and very fast :)
- D.weinreb


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