A Complete Guide To Publishing Your Own Book

What to Expect From This Guide

It used to be that getting a book to market was incredibly difficult. You either went through a publisher (good luck), or printed it yourself (not financially viable). This left many a budding author with an unattainable dream, but no longer!

The internet has made both access to publishing companies, and self publishing, possible for the masses. Now, literally the only barrier to producing your own book is knowing how to do it, which is where this guide comes in.

You’ll find all the information you need to help write, publish and market your very own publication, whether you pursue the revolutionary eBook format, or go down the well trodden path of physical publishing.

In This Guide You Will Find Chapters On…

Each chapter is clearly broken down into segments, so if you’re looking for one particular piece of information you can jump straight to it.

You’ll also find useful links and resources throughout this guide, and if there’s something missing then let us know and we’ll research and add it for you.

We’ve recommended companies wherever possible for resources that we think are important to your publishing journey, with links to the relevant parts of their websites.

These companies were researched and evaluated independently, and they are only recommended because we believe they provide a brilliant service. We have no affiliation with any of these companies.

So Let’s Get Started

We’re not going to cover the basics of actually writing your book, such as researching potential readers or authoritative figures in your genre. If you need any tips on these areas you can download a great little guide which goes into the necessary steps:

Additionally, if you’re looking to make contacts or attend events with like- minded individuals, the website Goodreads.com is a great little resource. Linking you to readers and authors, and a very healthy community, you can find a goldmine of information here.

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