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The Sandwell Strings Ensemble - April 24th! Apr 20, 2010 10:22 by John Sollars

Stefan-the-CellistYou don’t often associate ink with music, but here at Stinkyink we’re funding a series of musical concerts at Alveley St Mary’s Church. The first of these concerts has been and gone raising nearly a thousand pounds for the church.

The next concert is this coming Saturday (the 24th of April), featuring the Sandwell String Ensemble and their conductor Andrew Crabtree, check the bottom of this article for all their details :-)

Concert Order Of Play

The list of songs is  impressive, if you want to print your own version click here (pdf document). Now.. feast your eyes on:

  • ‘Praeludium’ from Grieg’s Holberg Suite
  • ‘Ashokan Farewell’, which is a more recent piece by Jay Ungar
  • Mozart’s ‘A Musical Joke’
  • ‘Here, There and Everywhere’ by Paul McCartney (also credited to Lennon)
  • Bratton’s ‘The Teddy Bears’ Pizzicato’
  • Corelli’s ‘Concerto Opus 6, Number 8, Adagio.’
  • ‘Under African Skies,’ by Paul Simon (which the boss is quite excited about)
  • Imagine,’ by John Lennon
  • Finishing with a Sea Songs Medley, consisting of ‘Arethusa,’ ‘Barnacle Bill’ and ‘Portsmouth.’

Then wine! mmm…. The second half then consists of:

  • Handel’s ‘The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba’
  • Mancini’s ‘The Thornbirds Theme’ (this guy also did the tune to the Pink Panthe, legendary!)
  • Holst’s ‘St Paul’s Suite, The Dargason’
  • Groovy Kind of Love’ by Wine and Sager
  • Handel’s ‘Sarabande’ and variations
  • The Hippopotamus’ by Flanders & Swann
  • Closing with the second medley – consisting of ‘The Flop-eared Mule,’ ‘Soldier’s Joy,’ ‘Tenpenny Bit,’ ‘Swallow Tail Jig,’ and ‘Drowsy Maggie.’

All for JUST £6 !!

Yes, you can get all of that music (and a glass of wine) for just £6, and it goes to a good cause, so what are you waiting for?

If you read this after Saturday and missed it, then keep your eyes peeled,  there are three more concerts still to come this year (the next in June), and I’m sure we can be kind enough to give you more details.

Wanting details of who is playing… deep breath now:

eight violinists, Mark Adams, Clare Clarkson, Laura Dolan, Mary Howles, Sam Mason, Heidi Nixon, Margaret Parker, and Joanne Ward….

Kathy Young on Viola, three cellists Louise Lawrie, Anna Picken, and Alison Wragg and Sophie Price on the Double Bass.

The thirteen of them are being joined by Chris Harker on keys and David Howles on percussion. Quite a lineup and not to be missed.

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  1. Mark & Tracey says:

    We thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening.
    My wife and I caught up with some faces from our past.
    The music making was of the highest standard.
    If you liked this concert, then try the CMS concerts at Kidderminster Library.

  2. Mark Newton says:

    Good Luck with the concert today,
    I worship & support similar activites at Beverley Minster in East Yorkshire.
    Your delivery service was very good, too!

  3. We’re coming! Fantastic value – and what amazing variety.
    See you there :)