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Severn Hospice Midnight Walk is a Success Jul 08, 2010 17:05 by Matt Bird

Amongst new internet connections and a complete overhaul of office furnishings (everywhere is now oh so shiny and lovely!), I was unable to find time to blog about the great Saturday night I had. Firstly, if you haven’t heard of Severn Hospice then shame on you and go rectify that now. Done? Now go check on our previous post explaining the great event they had organised here. Okay, all caught up?

Well. It all went brilliantly!

Turned up to marshal with my 2 affable chums, after getting lost due to my stubborn refusal to listen to a Sat Nav, and were greeted by a huge bunch of volunteers whom make events like these possible. Everyone in high spirits, smiling and laughing and not a tired face in sight.

I was later to learn, we had actually missed a “starter party”, hosted by the excellent radio presenter Jim Hawkins (seen here in photo with the lovely event organiser Sarah). Gutted I missed it, but lesson learnt for future events we will be volunteering for.

Signed in. Met the rest of the marshalls in our team for the event, and the lovely people at Severn Hospice whom I talk to had arranged for a lovely hat for me to wear. I don’t photo well, but theres something about that glorious hat that just made me want to step infront of a camera and smile. A friend I met through twitter (join it, it’s great and you get to talk to me at @Stinky_Ink and the brilliant @Severnhospice team ), Col, also got his very own Stinky_Col badge which I have resorted to calling him, the name will stick :-)

The Walk

Me and Col were marshalling around 6km’s into the walk, and cannot believe how quickly the walkers got to us! Storming on past, a torrent of ladies in pink. Some of the customers from local pubs and clubs came out of their dark interior rooms, slightly under the influence, and the site of pure confusion on their face as a blur of pink tops, fancy dress and glow-sticks-galore is something I will never forget.

It really is quite a sight almost intimidating, to have 600 women bearing down on you in full flow, if it weren’t for the amazingly high morale and cheery faces greeting you as each person passes by waving. I am especially happy Stinkyink helped fund the glowsticks as, not only did I get my own, but the sight of walkers decked out in 10-20 glowing colours is a great way to light up a dark night. Though maybe we should provide some ink cartridges next time free of charge to help print walker’s numbers, such was the fantastic number of walkers taking part in this great event.

Everyone eventually passed us and we headed back to the meeting point, to be praised and patted on the back for a job well done, by the very organisers whom deserved all the praise themselves. A brilliant evening, raising an amazing sum of (I believe) £40,000 for Severn Hospice. Though Col drunk too much coffee and couldn’t sleep after… lesson learned!

Look out for Future Events

I can’t emphasise enough how enjoyable the evening was, and all for a good cause. So come keep Stinkyink company and support this fantastic group of people and events. Look out on our blog for heads ups on future events we will be helping out at, and check out the next in line now on their site – The Great Big Bike Ride.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did helping, and I shall leave you with some more snapshots of the event, compliments of the photographer Col.

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