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Laser toner cartridges 'highly recommended' to home users Sep 07, 2011 08:40 by John Sollars

People with home computers need to carefully consider their printer options, with the use of laser toner cartridges coming highly recommended.

One person seeking advice from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette said that they were looking to make savings on ink usage and expense as printing documents had become a costly experience.

The response was that a laser printer is an investment that would pay for itself “very quickly”, while these machines also provide quieter operation and smudge-proof printouts.

“If you do use colour at home, my recommendation is to have two printers. Get a colour all-in-one for scanning and colour printing and the laser for everything else,” replied the news source.

Furthermore, the use of laser toner cartridges were “highly recommended” as they save money while also making document printing at home “hassle-free”.

Recently, Samsung announced its new line of monochrome printers, with the SCX-4729FD and wireless SCX-4729FW offering eco-conscious options.

Posted by Matthew Bird

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