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Jonathan Brand Prints a Car! Jan 24, 2012 11:21 by John Sollars

American artist Jonathan Brand has gone through an extraordinary process to rebuild his car, creating an entire model from printed bits of paper! Read on for his quite extraordinary accomplishment.

His project is named “One Piece at a Time” after a Johnny Cash song about a worker who decides to steal the car parts he makes every day to build himself a dream car one piece at a time.


One piece at a time – literally

Brand has reconstructed a car that his father and he repaired when he was younger. However he previously sold the real car to pay for a diamond wedding ring. The interesting thing about this project however is that instead of sourcing parts and playing around with wrenches Brand made his new car entirely out of paper, ink and glue.

Unbelievably, Brand worked without any technical schematics, using only a few photographs and his memory for guides. He pain-stakinly designed, printed out, cut up and stuck together each piece of paper to create a work of art.

Using software on his computer he created the templates for each of the parts and printed them on his large format printer. Each part once printed was labeled and numbered so he could begin to put his car together like a 3D jigsaw.


Why not use schematics?

Brand said avoiding using technical schematics was a conscious choice and that he likes it  “when things are slightly off, in the wrong place or missing, just like my memories of the original.”

While it might seem a little strange rebuilding his car from immobile paper and ink, Brand says that the original car never actually ran and he certainly never drove it so the paper and ink model is about as functional.

The attention to detail is astounding as you can see in some of these images from his page.

The car interior.

The detail in the motor is astounding.

Spare tyre anyone?

I’d be interested to know how much ink he got through overall, but I’ll bet he could’ve saved himself some dosh by opting for our compatible inks.

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