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Is This Scanned Email Attachment From My Printer Safe? Sep 28, 2011 12:33 by Matt Bird

We just thought we’d let our customers know about a new wave of threats hitting internet users. Mailicious spam emails are something we’ve all become accustomed to, but hackers are now reportedly mimicking emails from printers in an attempt to get users to download Trojan files.


How is this email scam happening?

Most new printers offer an email functionality, where you can scan a document and the printer will email you the file. Security firm Symantec have recently published examples of trojan emails made up of the exact same content a printer uses when sending a scanned image. For example:


Email subject: FWD: Oki MC560 Scan

Email content: Attached Document sent from Oki MC560 at 12:13, 28-09-11. Sent by User


The email will have an attachment which contains the trojan, which is obviously not good for you!


How Can I Avoid This Printer Email Scam?

Be careful! Check the sender’s email address, the printer model, sent from name, any detail you can to just double check it’s a legitimate email. For example, if you receive a file from a name you recognise then contact that person first before you accept it.

If you often find yourself doing the scanning and emailing yourself, think about adding a personalised message to each scan you do which will get included in the email comment. Even if it is something as simple as a “here’s slide 3 from your portfolio last week Jim” it still adds a personal touch that is hard to replicate.


We hope this helps and keeps your printing and scanning safe. Let us know if you’ve been targeted by a scheme similar to this in a different guise so we can get the post updated.

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