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If Felix Baumgartner Was An Ink Droplet... Oct 16, 2012 16:38 by Matt Bird

I am a particularly sad individual, and my first thought upon seeing this historic event was “no one really thanks ink droplets for falling”.

They do this falling malarkey every time you print, yet they don’t get rewards or fame. They just get slammed into a piece of paper and filed away.

So was Felix overcelebrated? Ink under appreciated? I had to know!



Felix Baumgartner: 1.82 metres (estimate… seriously, try and find out how tall he is)

Ink droplet: 0.0001 metres (100 microns)

Distance fallen:

Felix Baumgartner: 39,044 metres

Ink droplet: 0.01 metres

Distance fallen relative to own height:

Felix Baumgartner: 21,350 Felixs

Ink droplet: 100 ink droplets

Blast. Felix’s accomplishments far outweigh that of the household printer. You win this time heroic adventurer, but the printer ink shall have its day! So, if Felix Baumgartner Was An Ink Droplet…? Well, printers would be MASSIVE.

Artist’s impression, printer may be much, much bigger.

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  1. thats a bit of a tenous link isnt it?

    • Matt Bird says:

      He fell…. printer ink falls…. I assure you I could be far more tenuous :)

      • John Sollars says:

        Printer ink is either squeezed or heated – it is ejected forcibly, it doesn’t fall uncontrollably!

  2. John Sollars says:

    Yes, but what about the other famous Austrian? didn’t he fall 24 miles to save the earth?