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Halloween party ideas from Stinkyink! Sep 05, 2012 10:23 by Matt Bird

Halloween is nearly upon us and, instead of locking the doors, drawing the curtains and huddling inside, turn your fears into harmless, easy-to-make cutouts of the halloween beasties!

All you need is scissors and some glue to watch an army of otherworldly horrors grow. Perfect for  a kids’ halloween party or to decorate a room, these cutouts are spooktakular (sorry).

Why not mass produce these monsters and string them together to create a hanging horror?

The Ghoulish Gang:


How To Make Your Halloween Horror In 3 Easy Steps


Step 1:

Step 1, don’t forget the dotted lines

Print off your chosen character  and carefully cut out the included shapes. Take the main body of your monster and make a cut through all of the dotted lines on the sides, these are where your arms will go in the final step :-) .

Step 2:

Assemble the body by glueing together the necessary tabs.

Step 3:

Cut the arms out separately, folding them in half and gluing them closed before sliding them through the cuts in the side that you just made. That done, simply pick a spot for your new spooky minion and set them down!

Just some of our spooky little guys.



Want to get started? You can get the whole gang at the links below!

Made some of our figures? Want to share a creative use you’ve found for them? Send us in a picture to mail[at] and we’ll update this post with all of your ghoulish creations.

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  1. says:

    You guys have far to much time on your hands to do this, also Halloween is suppose to be scary, what are they suppose to be?! the black grim reaper looks more like a Panda haha

    • Huw Carrington says:

      Hey Steven – I think your experiences of pandas (or possibly grim reapers) must differ from mine, but we felt that going for the truly terrifying might not be appropriate, and would limit the number of suitable applications for them.