Will My Printer Work With Windows 8? Nov 08, 2012 09:56 by Matt Bird

A new Windows Operating System is essentially russian roulette for your printer, sometimes rendering it useless until the manufacturer finally makes the new drivers available.

We will be updating this post when we find information for each manufacturer for if windows 8 will work with their printers, and which models.

Will Your Printer Work With Windows 8:


Canon Printers with Windows 8

Click here to find a full list of Canon printers which will have windows 8 drivers ready for download.

Near the top of that page you will see 3 links titled “Inkjet multifunctional” , “Inkjet printer” and “Scanner”. A little further down you will find information for Canon laser printers.

Select the link that applies to you, and see if your printer is in that list. If it is, you are Windows 8 ready!


Kodak Printers with Windows 8

Kodak has announced that Windows 8 and Windows RT will include a driver by default to work with the following printers:

Other Kodak printers will have drivers released from the start of November. These will be provided by push updates on your machine, or you can manually find them here.


Oki Printers with Windows 8

As of October 26th, 2012 Oki will be posting Windows 8 and RT driver information. Visit this page, open the compatibility list and see if it is available yet.


Xerox Printers with Windows 8

Xerox have a PDF being updated with Windows 8 compatibility. Visit the PDF here and see if your printer is listed.

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